50 Millionth Meal Packed at Naples High

50 Millionth Meal Packed at Naples High

Meals of Hope held its first packing event at Naples High School in 2007, where 500 people packed 135,000 meals.

Approximately 11 years later, on Friday, Sept. 7, the Naples High School hosted another chapter in Meals of Hope history when the Student Government Association packed the 50 millionth meal. This event marked another opportunity to raise hunger awareness during Hunger Action Month.

“We’re going all over the country buying supplies for our packing events,” said Meals of Hope President/CEO Stephen Popper. “Our cost is right around .25 cents a meal, so it’s a very affordable way to do it. After its packed, we then give it to the Harry Chapin Food Bank, and they in turn give it to about 150 food pantries all over Southwest Florida.”

Watch the video here:


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