The Mission:

The Mission of Meals of Hope is “To inspire and empower communities to come together to end hunger.” We believe it is our job to feed people. Meals of Hope began as a food packing organization, and we are the only food packing organization with a priority on keeping the food packed within the United States. We developed five meals specifically designed for the American palate with added vitamins, minerals and proteins to supplement an unbalanced diet. Most of our packed meals are donated to the Feeding America Food Bank Network. More than 25,000 volunteers and thirteen full and part time staff members assist Meals of Hope in achieving its Mission.

Board of Directors

Our board is made up of people who are dedicated to helping hungry individuals and families in their community.

  • Ashley Suarez
  • Cindi Hewitt
  • Paul Thein
  • Kathy Schillreff
  • Kenneth Mundy
  • Mark Matos
  • Freddy E. Mantilla
  • Rich Kirschner
  • Rabbi Adam Miller
  • Jacques Groenteman


None of this would be possible without our valuable staff. Their enthusiastic work has helped provide over 57,000,000 meals to date.

  • Jesus Ramos
  • John Ramos
  • Walter Daniels
  • Michael Popper
  • Dakota Sohlberg


In 2012, Meals of Hope purchased a 15,000 square foot warehouse.   After an extensive refurbishment, the Meals of Hope Building houses offices, a conference room open to non-profit organizations, and warehouse space.  We have the capability to host a 50-60 person packing event at the building. 

In 2016, Meals of Hope was awarded a 900/1000 AIB score.  This certification from the American Institute of Baking pertains to all aspects of Food Safety, Food Security, and the proper handling of food.  Meals of Hope received an exemplary score which is rarely given to organizations which are tested for the first time. All Feeding American Food Banks are required to be AIB certified.

For groups who want to pack meals on a moments notice, Meals of Hope has the capacity to take care of their needs.


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