Community Leaders Set to Participate in Food Stamp Challenge

by | Sep 26, 2018 | Uncategorized

The Food Stamp Challenge, which takes place this weekend, is designed to replicate what many children experience every weekend, when Friday lunch is their last complete meal until they return to school Monday morning. Many teachers do not test students on Mondays, as they know students are not able to work at their best because of their lack of food during the weekend.

The maximum monthly allotment for SNAP benefits is $192 per person, which equals $2.13 per meal. The challenge begins with dinner on Friday, Sept. 28, and ends with dinner on Sunday, Sept. 30, for seven meals total. Participating community leaders will spend $14.93 on groceries for those seven meals and document their experience to raise hunger awareness.

Follow @mealsofhope through the weekend to see how participants fare.

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