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Food Packing Events


A FUN Hands-On Approach to Combating Hunger!

A Meals of Hope food packing event is an experience you will never forget. Not only because you are uniting with others in your community to help alleviate food insecurity and hunger; but because it’s simply so much fun!

dsc_4310Imagine a gymnasium, hotel conference room or warehouse packed with people of all ages who are ready to roll up their sleeves and in two short hours, pack thousands of meals that will be distributed through the Feeding America Food Bank Network. Volunteers walk away feeling great about giving back, and organizations have just helped to create lasting memories – better than any team building exercise you’ll ever find!

Benefits of Hosting a Food Packing Event

Our meals can be packed virtually anywhere. For less than $.25 per meal, your organization can give its members, employees or students an experience they will never forget while reaping the numerous benefits of hosting a meal packing event:

  • Perfect for schools, collegiate clubs, religious organizations, professional and trade associations, corporate and for-profit businesses, other nonprofits and service organizations such as Rotary and Kiwanis.
  • Gives your members, students, congregation or employees a way to increase community involvement and get engaged for a great cause.
  • Positions your organization as an advocate for an important, yet underserved need within your community.
  • Great way to raise your own organization’s profile with local and regional media.
  • Teaches younger volunteers a life lesson they’ll never forget.
  • Creates a memorable leadership development program for your company or association.
  • Educates people about local hunger and food insecurity.

You Choose Where the Food Goes

dsc_4459Though our primary focus is combating hunger within the U.S., we realize that abject hunger and starvation is a critical concern internationally. Meals of Hope will gladly support your organization with a food packing event that serves communities outside our borders. People in Haiti, Jamaica, Nicaragua and Malawi have all been the beneficiaries of Meals of Hope food packing events.

You Choose the Meals You Pack

Meals of Hope food packages* were designed to address the need for an economical, nutritious solution to aid in the fight against hunger. Each bag contains enough food to provide six meals. In only two hours, the typical length of a Meals of Hope food packing event, each person will generally pack around 60 bags. That’s roughly 350 meals for those in need!

Event hosts can choose to distribute one or all of following meals:

  • FORTIFIED BEANS AND RICE CASSEROLE: includes rice, pre-cooked dried beans, soy protein, 6 dried vegetables, and 21 vitamins and minerals.*
  • FORTIFIED MACARONI AND CHEESE: includes macaroni, soy protein, 21 vitamins and minerals, and a packet of cheese sauce.*
  • FORTIFIED CINNAMON SUGAR, DICED APPLES OATMEAL: includes whole grain rolled oats, dried apples, soy protein, vitamins and minerals, and cinnamon sugar flavoring.*
  • FORTIFIED SOY CHICKEN, RICE AND VEGETABLE DINNER: includes rice, pre-cooked dried soy chicken and vegetables, vitamins and minerals, and seasoning packet.*

*Patent Pending

Interested in Hosting an Event?

Contact us to find out just how easy it is to host a Meals of Hope food packing event!